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9 years experience
Never stop learning. Those words resonate throughout my soul.
Learning new things drives innovation.
At the University of Washington (2007-2011) I studied architectural and industrial design which have given me a diverse perspective on User Experience not only in the digital realm but in a three dimensional space as well.
In 2016 I received my UX certification from the Neilsen Norman Group to further refine my UX uderstanding and design knowledge. Currently I am working towards getting my Master UX Certification with the Neilsen Norman Group.
Making connections with people and interacting with different clients has always been a huge benefit of my line of work. Global freelance design has taught me patience, exposed me to new methods and led me to meet new people. I used to take jobs even if I had no idea how to do something. I was always determined to figure it out and deliver. And I did.
From interning at Jones and Jones architectural firm, to Visual Design at Google, my work has ultimatley lead me to become a Product designer where I continue to progress wherever I can. I am all about personal growth and with each step in my career path building upon the previous, I am always looking for new challenges. Over the years, with each new problem solved I have developed a heightened understanding of what it truly means to be a design thinking problem solver.